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Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

It is my philosophy that to effectively help a student to learn, I must first and foremost establish a relationship with the student based on comfort and trust. The teacher/student relationship must be a give and take one in which both parties are actively involved. I believe that a strong component for the growth and health of the game is a well informed and balanced player, both mentally and physically. It is my wish to help a student achieve their personal goals and to leave the state of the game better than I found it.

I believe that a successful and repeatable golf swing is made up of four major components: The grip and setup positions, the balance and footwork, the body's rotation and the arm swing. The golf club likes to swing into good positions when a player sets up to it and grips it properly. Improper swings typically come from poor fundamentals. Through consistent application of the first two major components, each individual will be able to perform the various different types of arm swing and body rotation that fit their individual body type and work within their physical abilities and limitations. 

~Jeff Kaiser

Jeff Kaiser Golf Instruction

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